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Life Talk!

Why people don't like to be friend if they didn't see exactly how they look? ;p




Why people don't like to be friend if they didn't see exactly how they look??

And why people only like to make firends with beautiful girls n handsome guys?

Why? Don't you think it's shallow?? Tongue out

05:52 PM May 24 2009 |

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i am agree with prince , that what we see in ebaby

10:18 AM May 25 2009 |




Hmm..It's true when sb hasn't got photos I don't answer him and I don't add him to my friends. I dont know. However even sb with photos can lie. but it doesn't matter..

I know my friends and I know that they aren't liar.

I like to know with talk to sb :p I like see him/her in the photo :)

02:12 PM May 25 2009 |



Hey guys, I'm totally agree with u ,prince.

Mynote and 91pati,of course your opinion is right as well. For me maybe I will course about who I'm takin with.But it's not a big deal.(That's why I'm totally agree with prince… ahaha)

Did you ever see the movie "you've got mail" ?? Laughing

The most important thing is knowing each other by "words".You know,writing with each other and try to know each other,sharing our different thoughts and what happen in our daily life.It's wonderful to knowing each other from writing through the words.

Being firends with who they are is better than being friends with who are shallow(who only telling you,"you are beautiful, you are pretty…sweet…hot…sexy"...ect.).

How they look is not important? I had met some real friend in real life,in general they are not very good looking,not very handsome or pretty,but the all common things witch I know from them is that they are the most friendly,kindness and thoughtful friends I have ever met.Don't you have the same thoughts as mine? 

The opposite view on the great looking people,some of them are not friendly,they don't have the good hearted .

Although I'm pretty!! (But I'm totally different as them)EmbarassedLOL Tongue out

12:05 PM May 26 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

for me .. i like chatting with girls. cute girls .. u can find that in my profile. i'm not ashamed to admit it. but i really don't care who i'm talking to cuz i'm in the net. 

12:51 PM May 26 2009 |



Oh…good, thanks Jack.

You just remind me. Here is just a internet. ;)

Don't have to think and care in the net.

It's a kind of …..!! Whatever… LOL

03:41 PM May 26 2009 |




i like to see with whom  i'm talking… when the person doesn't show any pic – i begin hesitating, whether he\she is real person. 

 somebody may write that she is a 18 year old girl, but in fact it may be 40 year old man or smth like that…=)   Of course we should stress on ppl's personality, but it's easier to communicate with people,who are open and honest with u

06:28 PM May 26 2009 |




I think it is a subject of psychology.Most of people conclude you are excellent or not by the frist impression.Of cause,it is a fault

02:08 PM May 27 2009 |




ata 100, hmm i r right, sometimes people use our pics for bad aims….it is sad that such ppl exist. So, it looks like both variants r not appropriate- either with, or without photo)

04:26 PM May 27 2009 |



I admit , i like beautiful girl…...

08:42 AM May 28 2009 |




No.. i dont agree with you!

We can know ppl when we read their writting..

not when we look their face!!


06:33 AM May 30 2009 |