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Life Talk!

Michael Jackson Dead at 50




Is this true? I read in many news sources, and they all report Michael Jason is dead!! I can't believe it!!! Surprised


11:18 PM Jun 25 2009 |

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50 is quite long age for someone who's life seems so complicated. And see his make up nowadays, he should thank God the beauty Black hi used to.

09:13 AM Jun 26 2009 |




oh well that's life. i was shocked when my hubby told me that he has died in cardiac arrest.  

He will always be remembered… May HE rest in peace…

10:53 AM Jun 26 2009 |



I believe the fact that Michael Jackson passed away at the age of 50 was the best for him. For what he had done, it seems he really didn´t want to get old.

Even with all the scandals in what he was involved, he left an amazing legacy in the pop music. In fact most of the male pop singers have copied his style, his rythm and way of dance.

I´m sorry to know that he died before his effort to return in the world of music (with all sold concerts, 50 more less). I´m sorry for his fans.

We always will remember him as the King of pop and as the moonwalking dancer!! I hope he now were in peace.

01:52 PM Jun 26 2009 |



I got extreemely shocked when I heard that Micheal Jackson died.

 Michael jackson made a lot of fans all over the world. He was very loved and sensitive to suffering of African children. 

His compositions were for all social levels, from poor to wealthy. 

His talent is Unequalable. He was the ONE on Pop music.

I think Michael Jackson is  going to be like Elvis Presley that died long years ago but is still be spoken until today.

I have no more words to speak about Micheal Jackson.

Because his loss is inreplaceble.


02:06 PM Jun 26 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

i thought this is just a rumor going on but it was true. 

 Michael Jackson was one of the biggest pop singer.

02:09 PM Jun 26 2009 |

Sandy Jane

Sandy Jane


When my friend told me that Michael was dead I thought it's unbeliveable!I even considered if my friend was playing jokes on me …but it's true,he died,so sudden,we lost a great singer and dancer,we lost king of pop.I cried and my heart broke after hearing this news ,and my friend just comforted me for a while.But he is always in our hearts ,he's not alone!We will keep loving him forever…

02:52 PM Jun 26 2009 |




Oh well…I've already posted a blog about it…

"You know I'm bad…I'm bad…I'm really really bad"

03:11 PM Jun 26 2009 |



Poor man .. but all of us in the end will die its the TRUTH


for sure … actually I dont listen to him …


03:14 PM Jun 26 2009 |




why can't you believe it? every one on this earth is going to die one day. life is just a period of time to obay Allah. when you really think about it in this way, you realize that life is nothing.  

08:48 PM Jun 26 2009 |




that's right sister aliyatul_hikmah you hit the mark  

08:50 PM Jun 26 2009 |