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Life Talk!

The futher of our earth

yuegang zhong


can you image the futher of our world?You can write down your ideas!

02:43 PM Jun 28 2009 |

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Maybe you mean ''future''?

06:46 PM Jun 28 2009 |



it will be like the following :without any organs ,the last thing we are formed with is a mass of meat mixed with brain .abondoning all burdens([U]?[C]?),we can float in the sky and go any where in  a second .every plants will evalute into  one kind.they  will give up the basic unit :cell.they will be like fog or cloud coming  into being in a second or disappearing in a second to adapt the exetending Sun'  hint.(50,0000,0000   years later)顶!

02:26 AM Jun 29 2009 |