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Life Talk!

are you realdy to marry someone from another country



ok people lets talk honstly and regarding to our abilities, now if you mean someone here and he/she fets you, are you ready to move and live with him/her, lets talk . .. . . .  


12:50 PM Jul 01 2009 |

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i think this is cool but difficult!!

in my view,i don't resist to marry with people from another country  ,but the most difficult thing is if i move to her city that mean i must leave lots of things around me.it's so upset.  

02:16 PM Jul 01 2009 |




To marry someone from abroad requires a lot of self-sacrifice,i think…it s not just about love, it s more about eliminating the handicaps like cultural differences,leaving where you live or demanding the same from the partner…

 im not saying its impossible,but it s hard..

02:31 PM Jul 01 2009 |




yea i'm ready for that…maybe it will cause many problems and thats so hard…but if someone love his or her partner ..different countries will not be the reason to stop their loves..

about me..i love someone from anthor country…maybe it is hard…but not imposible… 

04:12 PM Jul 01 2009 |




ofcouse ,but in china ,we can marry any country,s people except japanese .

12:48 PM Jul 02 2009 |


Saudi Arabia

yah , if she's mulims 

though , it's not recomonded at alll , because both side will not be femeliur with the habbits and act of the aother side ,  and it may cost many problems and fight for some point in the caltural acts,

 ALso the children must be consider in such as talk , the children will be given the father natunalty , it may not be problme to some people or they might thing it's not a big problem but it's ,


the act of the job where do they will live whod do they will visit each other family , they all must be count and take under considration ,


so you can't just ask a simple question like that and egnoor all these point , your talking about a whall new life , not just an option of acception or refusing

09:47 AM Jul 07 2009 |



Yes, you are very very right, I think marry with the other coutry!

10:49 AM Jul 07 2009 |






Marriage Distant is related through is the way to optimizes humanity, is the constructs social highly effective action.

Therefore , only I can say :

does not want to work as marshal the soldier is not good soldier, does not want to seek the transnational marriage the member is not good member.

03:56 AM Jul 08 2009 |


United States

absolutely YES

04:46 AM Jul 08 2009 |