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my sommer story, what i ought to do?



at the beginning of the message…i want write: i have a husbnd, and i gone on holiday, i am at the moment on the holiday… with my baby.
i did go bus and i looked on one men and he looked too.. and after i smiled to him, he too, and we kissed at the end of the meeting.. it was nice but i have a husband, but i want kisses from him again.. i do not know what i ought to do?

05:00 PM Jul 06 2009 |

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   hmm  you are only 19 years old and already managed to have a husband, baby and even a  separated holiday (I mean you are  already fed up with each other)?

07:17 PM Jul 06 2009 |



with suggestion i think is a bad idea! oooo i have to say … today we ( i and my lover) we had meeting in his house… and we was in the bed… and…................ and kisses…..... it was beautiful time… i want next meeting. but i know…more time together  i love my husband…. i do not have mind….
But ,my lover is handsome ect… but on only short time…......

07:12 PM Jul 07 2009 |