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Hmm.. I will say nothing, nothing , nothing, because I think, no I think, but I know about my ex-boy , I dislake, or hate him… We are not togeter, so I disturb my ex, and he too, I hope. We perhaps agreed and ect, so now we can not talk, he is not my friend, he is not my boyfrend, now I have new may be, new is on 100& better than him! So bye bye my last lover:)))))

09:51 PM Jul 18 2009 |



sorry no I disturb, but I do not want to disturb him, and he also

09:53 PM Jul 18 2009 |



well it is easy!

if I loved her, I'd go there and kill the bastard that was with her and would say ''SHE IS MINE! GET OUT'' and then he would want to fight, but i'd end easily, i show off my shoter gun and he would run away screaming and crying to home! so that the girl would say ''my hero'' and we would be again together.

if not, i'd not eve care!



Now for real, there is nothing you can do :)

10:11 PM Jul 18 2009 |



i would have felt very  happy because probably his new girlfriend would not be as beautiful as me.It would be nice to see an ugly girl next to him.]



10:52 PM Jul 18 2009 |




11:02 PM Jul 18 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

well. i might get a little upset but i'm kinda guy who gets over things quickly so i would wish them happiness,that's all

12:43 AM Jul 19 2009 |

green greener

United Arab Emirates

I remember a few days ago while I was watching a certain channel that broadcasted at that time real views. There was a woman in a car who had hit a car in front of her without caring about a ceremony that some police officers celebrated. They brought this woman out of the car and they discovered that she was hitting that car because she saw her ex boyfriend with a new girlfriend. Well, this is maybe one way that this woman dealt with this situation.

07:37 PM Jul 20 2009 |

Mi Nguyen

Mi Nguyen

Viet Nam

I would get really upset but I would not let it out. I would pretend that I don’t mind and my life is better off without him. Anw, he just doesn’t care. So why this bothers you?

10:03 AM Jan 16 2012 |




I might get upset, or in this kind of situation, I might turn my direction and better not to go pass them. or I scare I might say hello with shaky voice :D

12:21 AM Mar 09 2012 |