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I'm Justyna, from Poland. I'm new user at English,baby!. This year I passed my finals exams(after high school) and I decided to continue my study. I don't know how but I was admitted to a university where I will learn only in english. So I have a big problem b'coz my english rather is not really good. I need help so I have a question. Please, answer me. Do you think that I can improve my english at English, baby? (at forums, chat and of course lesson online)


Thans :)


09:36 PM Jul 26 2009 |

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Viet Nam

Just try! I'm not sure but I like this site!

12:12 AM Jul 27 2009 |


Russian Federation


Yeah, give this site a try. I think it'll help you if you write a lot here. English just requires constant practice.

And for the record, your English isn't bad from what i've read in your post.

You know what has helped me in my English – books. Just read books and after your 10th you'll see the progress – I promise.

07:17 AM Jul 27 2009 |



Thanks for your answer :)

I really like reading in english so I hope my english in two months will be even so lit-tle better. The bigest problem I have with listen. I don't understand what the most people talk to me.

Justyna :)

06:59 PM Jul 27 2009 |


Russian Federation

That's not a problem too :) Just watch a lot of English films with subtitles at first, and then with out 'em.

Or some series even better, like "Friends" for instance. Lots of fun and English practice. It took me 3 months to watch all 10 seasons of Friends. :)

 Wish you all the good luck.

08:02 PM Jul 27 2009 |




You have just 2 months to enter university.. hm..Here you can learn some words…because in grammar lots of people make mistakes.. so you can't learn it… I'm here for 6 months..and writ ein English is so easy thx this site.. :) You can meet new friends, know sth about other countries, people or culture…

so stay here and improve your english :) and after some months you will see that this site is so cool :)

08:13 PM Jul 27 2009 |



I think the most effective way to improve English is practice, and if you use it frequently, you won't be nervous any more when communicating with others.

I believe that Ebaby will help me progress my English, though I am still a rookie here just like you.

02:18 AM Jul 28 2009 |



You are the master here, because this site is come from Poland.

03:46 AM Jul 28 2009 |