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Does anyone know how to send an SMS to Canada from China?

Mapleleaf Man

United States

I have a friend who lives in China, well, I have many friends who live there. Anyway, one of them wants to send text messages or SMS messages to me. She's tried many differnt things but none of the messages get through.

Is there anyone who sends messages to Canada by their mobile or cellular phone? What is the right combination of numbers to use?
She has tried 001, + and then my number, 1 plus my number and many things like that. Does anyone know for sure what's up? Thanks!

04:23 PM Oct 24 2009 |

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why doesn't she consult with the local china mobil service center?

02:20 AM Oct 25 2009 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


I dont know xD

03:15 AM Oct 25 2009 |