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Life Talk!

what's ur opinion about this web. ?? (plz click here)

♥ ~.•'Peace~Girl~ஐ•.•.

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

At such a time of war to fill the world .. we (humans) seek to achieve love and peace between us ..

 Even if our governments are different, even though our political war .. Let us away from this dirty and stupid policies environments ! Which differentiate between a Muslim and a Christian and Buddhist and a Jew, between black and white, between Arab and non-.. Government does not recognize that we all (humans) and equal in rights and duties ..

 I found an for this website ..


 It's a game (short) specializes in racism and the war between the religions!

also they put the symbols of christianity and islam !!!.... I dnt now the source of this web.

but the question is WHY ???????


Are you with or against intolerance and racism to ur religion and the war on other religions?

07:05 PM Dec 08 2009 |

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it seems to be an online game based on the Crusades. I don't see anything wrong with it or with games that are based in some other historical period (WW II or the age of colonialism, etc.) 


What part of the game makes you think that it is racist? 

08:03 PM Dec 08 2009 |

♥ ~.•'Peace~Girl~ஐ•.•.

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

I reject the general idea of the game, the war between religions .. This may cause a sedition between the owners of religions or even atheists who have no religion .. The war between the (humans) .. This is what I reject ..

 ... I respect you and ur opinion dear  gkissebertt tnx alot

06:00 PM Dec 09 2009 |

CanceRouS HumaN


despite the fact that we hate this…BUT this is true


life on earth..will never be out of war.. because the reason behind this is the presence of evil… and there is no ideal time…where there is no space here for evil side of the lif.

there was something close to that…but it does require a very highly unique factors…which is somehow me and u aren't able to collect together


and a close state to that..may happen…if high percentage of people started the inner peace… because i think, the peace on this planet is the sum of all peoples inner peace


06:30 PM Dec 09 2009 |


Syrian Arab Republic

Hi all,

I agree with u Peace girl, Cuz It's grew Hate between us.

10:10 PM Dec 09 2009 |



well, a lot of people don't like games about war and conflict, but many do, and in most games of any kind, there is conflict of some kind. 


I still don't think it's racist, and  quick look at the forum leads me to think that religion isn't a factor in some playing or not or how they approach the game. I thik people want to have fun in this kind of historical context and are not thinking "cool I get to kill Muslims (or Pagans, or Christians)  

03:55 AM Dec 10 2009 |

♥ ~.•'Peace~Girl~ஐ•.•.

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Dear aryos >>

so u live away from ur home Syria or (Sureiia:) ) , hope u wll b back soon..

I think (in general) Arabs live in peace with each other with difference of their religions.. mostly life in Arab countries is peaceful..


thanx friend/ keep in touch

05:13 PM Dec 16 2009 |

♥ ~.•'Peace~Girl~ஐ•.•.

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya


I liked ur comment  the peace on this planet is the sum of all peoples inner peace   


tnx dear

05:18 PM Dec 16 2009 |



yep, filled with hatred for Pagans

11:55 PM Dec 16 2009 |




each religion in china has get along with each other, we have two religions in china, one is Taoism which is native religion created in 100' A.D.and it's a first religion in china , and another is Buddhism which imported from India in 1 century A.D. all of them have never been relative to politics and never intervened with politics. and they have been peacefully till now. people choose religion freely and no one will impose it on you.

however the westen religions are quite different, and when they first came to china in 19 century , no one forbidded them, but they were ambitious and wanted more power, they wanted to control people which Taoism and Buddhsim never did that.

so i think the westen religions were more than a religion, they were unity of politics and economy and they wanted to take control of all resource to get more fortune and power. and you also can see that from what some westen counties have done in the world from 18 century to now.

06:06 AM Dec 17 2009 |