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Life Talk!

Happy birthday's surprise!



Russian Federation

Hello Ladies and Gentlemans!

I know that I rare visit this site! And the most of you don't know me! But I have one idea! I'd like to make a surprise for my friend for her birthday: congratulations in different languages! It should me small video, where you congratulate a beautiful lady with Happy Birthday in your own language!

But you should say here name Anna Smirnova (pronounced like [anna smir'nova]) and your country (e.g. Russia).

I beg you help me with it. If you'll create the congratulation, I'll send you my e-mail. OK?

 I'm looking forward your replies! Thanks!!!

Best regards,

Ivan from frozen Russia

PS: Today is -20'C here

08:47 PM Dec 16 2009 |

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Russian Federation

Ok,man! Thanks for helping! :)

Anybody else? Than more it'll be then funny!

10:11 AM Dec 19 2009 |