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Is rape a natural process ?




Is 'RAPE' a natural process ?

I feel it's both,natural & unnatural.

It's natural in the sense that,that male is an aggressive partner of sexual play(in the natural way of reproduction),hence he has the force to penetrate his organ in the female body & has ntural thrist to do so,

which if not fullfilled with easy & lovingway,may force him to do forcibly.

No religion, No law & No moality has the power to remove it.

Has there been any power the society would have been devloped as 'rapeless'

Rape happens because of our un-natural style of life.

Every rapist has some religion & no religion favours it,but still it exists.

why it is so?

What are the reasons & what is the remedy ?

What do you feel ?

02:09 AM Feb 24 2010 |

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It's not natural. Nobody that haven't been raped can know what it feels like after it. It generate different affective and sexual disorders and can make serious problems in the future of the raped. I believe I can not even express myself with words.

Let me show you a song (by Evanescence) that says very well what I want to express 


''Though nothing I bleed for is more tormenting

I'm losing my mind 

And you just stand there and stare as my world divides'' 


04:33 AM Feb 24 2010 |


Saudi Arabia

hi, well in my opinion, loving women and loving being with them in the correct way is the natural thing , yes you might be right that man is aggrissive partner but that never gives him the excuse of rape !! on the contrary he should be punished badly. Now for some solution for poor guys like me who can't marry  in the mean situation, you know what helps most is  trying to saperate males and female from each other such in education, careers and other things which would be fine to saperate them in. Now that saperaton would help so much , I experienced that really , you gotta focus in other things like your study or your work, you have to spend your energy away from female for the meantime whether it is sporting , playing or learning something useful or working. But being surrounded by female all the time with such a females (i mean they are bad nowadays) and such a strong nature of a man is totally disaster for a man who wants to keep him self fine unitl marraige :P .. back to the rape topic , it should be restricted with a horrible punishment to stop those idiots who do it. If i was a ruler or a leader, my punishment will be at least to cut his left arm along with right leg :D so no one would dare to do so again and if they do it I will punish again ;) .. you know, this really will restrct this and nearly will STOP the raping cases! NO EXCUSES FOR RAPIST EVER !!

04:45 AM Feb 24 2010 |






For me raping is the worst thing you can make to a person, it is even better to get killed or get injuried, because it breaks your body, bur raping breaks your soul

04:53 AM Feb 24 2010 |



Is rape a natural process ?

Absolutely NOT..

05:15 AM Feb 24 2010 |



Rape is definitely unnatural behavior Foot in mouth.We humans do have sexual desires towards the opposite sex because it is one of the instincts that we were born withUndecided .That’s why religion is important because it sets laws and boundaries which organizes the relationship between humans and sets values for which is allowed and which is prohibited .For example, in Islam rape is a major sin which leads to punish the rapist with the penalty of death

09:51 AM Feb 24 2010 |




Hi Devinder,

in my opinion is the word "rape" an illness which is very dangerous. Rape happens not only on the street also in an normal married bed. It's an behavoir of men. They maybe think when they get a women so they can do everything what they want and forget that the women are composed of meat but also can feel, like, enjoy etc. If you say that rape is a natural process this sounds an excuse for the rape. I cant accept this saying. We all are able to do this and that and to let fall this and that. I am glad about that not every man behave the same. 

I ll answer your email later, till then 

have a very nice time 

08:56 PM Feb 25 2010 |



sunay, are you a ultra-feminist or sth like that? :D

there are also women who do that, anyway. even in music videos.

08:57 PM Feb 25 2010 |




Hi Memo,

I am a normal human being even if you dont believe thisSmile

08:59 PM Feb 25 2010 |



well, it depends on what you mean by "normal human being". I agree ;)

09:02 PM Feb 25 2010 |