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What is the right age to start a sexual relationship?




Different cultures and different people have different ideas about this one so I thought it could be interesting to share our ideas.  What is the right age to start a sexual relationship?  Should the age be the same for both guys and girls?  Should you wait until you are married?  I'd love to hear different opinions on this.Embarassed

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03:25 PM Jul 14 2010 |

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I think the ideal age is when people have emotional maturity and hability to cope with their decisions. Legal aspects are not always sufficient.

08:13 PM Jul 14 2010 |




Faith, it actually depends on the state


08:18 PM Jul 14 2010 |




The age of consent in Uruguay is 15 years old


08:20 PM Jul 14 2010 |



when the person become mature then can have sex but he can't do that without marriage that's in islam :)

08:43 PM Jul 14 2010 |




Anyway even if the laws say that 15 is the legal age; like in other western societies, teenages don't give a damn about it, and actually the ones who want have sex before it. I don't agree much about it, but it's up to them.

01:17 AM Jul 15 2010 |




lol I (fortunately) don't have any friend who is a father or a mother yet :P 

01:32 AM Jul 15 2010 |




I noticed that the consent age in argentina is 13 one minute ago :| It's very bad…

I think that there's not an specific age, it's you the one who needs to be prepare and be aware of what you're doing. I know a girl (a friend of a friend of mine) that have a baby of 1 year and she is 15. I think we cannot say well, it's her life because there's another life that is in your hands. 

That's what happens frecuently on Argentinian slums, people very poor, with no education have children at very young ages, and then this children are on the street with no family, no education, etc and it's a circle…that's happen again, this children have more children at young ages. 


02:09 AM Jul 15 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi dear  andy u r right its different ideas about this issue because culture is very important for example in iran where i live right age that evey one bleives that is ok starts from 18 -19 for girls and 23 24 for boys and if it starts earlier people say its too soon but u know there are different people who dont think so but i my self think it should be starts when u feel love someone for ever iam 22 but i havent feel it yet although others feel

05:49 AM Jul 15 2010 |

Crystal Herb


I don't know the laws about sex in China,as far as I know,China forbid sweet hearts cohabitting.China is not so open,but many people(even many college students) still try breaking the laws,and cohabitting together.

But as for me,I think I prefer to wait untill I get married. 

08:44 AM Jul 15 2010 |

The sweet

The sweet

Russian Federation

In Russia you can legally get married in 18 yearl old. There is exeception for couple expecting a child they can marry at age 14.

10:00 AM Jul 16 2010 |