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how many languages can you speak?do yoy know your mothertongue?

yemberdi kaster


Hello, everyone?my name is Kater, I’m living in Kazakhstan. I know four languages which includes my motherlanguages Kazakh and chinese, russian, english. I’m really good at Kazakh. but you know in our country lots of people are poliglot but don’t know their own lang.,how do you think and what woul you say to them?

03:01 PM Jun 28 2007 |

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My mother language is Rioplatense Spanish, but I speak English and I can understand easily latin languages such Italian and Portuguese. I am learning Armenian by myself.

06:30 PM Nov 19 2009 |

princess of flowers

Saudi Arabia

My mother language is Arabic ,I study English so i can speak English and I am interisted to learn Japanes and Indian languages .


07:52 PM Nov 19 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i speak persian and turkish….....little EnglishTongue out<!-Session data->

08:49 PM Nov 19 2009 |



I can speak English(as everyone of ebaby!), Telugu(my Mother Tongue), Hindi(My National lang), Tamil(the language of my neighbouring state).... and I'm really interested in learning few foreign languages …(spanish or french).....Undecided

12:04 PM Nov 20 2009 |




I speak English (What a surprise, I'm writing in English right now, haha.), German (not as well as english, but it's someth I think I'm still pretty goodat), Hungarian (my mother tongue), I've also been studying French (for 2 years but not very efficiently), and I took some Russian, but that's almost nothing. My favourite is English besides Hungarian, because i think it's the easiest language to learn and speak from these.


Armenian sounds to be a great challange to learn. Is it difficult?

04:55 PM Nov 20 2009 |




hello my name is Anggy -English language is not excellent

Merhaba,Ben adin Anggy-—-Turkish language is a little bit to speak

ซัมบายดี เฮาซื่อ อังก์---—Lao language is not to bad

สวัสดีค่ะ ชื่อ อังก์ค่ะ ---—-Last one Thai language is very best Laughing


If possible I would like to speak and read are many language. Hmmm about 7 language or more than as Jame bone (55555555 I'm kidding but if possible is great!!!Smile55555555) 


12:48 PM Nov 23 2009 |





Well, the main difficult of armenian is reading, because they use a different alphabet. I spent 3 months learning the alphabet, I can read armenian words, but not fluently, it is like learning to read again xD. Also they have some letters hard to pronunciate (at least for spanish speakers). Grammar is not that difficult, I think. What about Hungarian?

05:56 PM Nov 23 2009 |