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Life Talk!

Dreams are they illusions?



United Arab Emirates

hi every one ,

what do you think about dreams …can they come true ,specialy in this world ??

do you think its difficult to achieve them .who are the ones who can make it ??..

is it right that some times we just want to close our eyes to open them and find

that our dreams come true ??.should we be patient to make them or we can do it 

in a fast way ...

what do you think ??


07:40 PM Jun 28 2007 |

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maybe you should get up to get a PHD.you are sad now,i suppose?disappointment is just a part of life.but everyone should do their best,then we won't regret even we fail because sometimes life itself has its plan.one thing i'm sure is you can always learn something in any way.

cheer up and work hard.your life is different from anyone else's and it's beautiful

11:53 PM Jun 28 2007 |



United Arab Emirates

Yeah you are right I want to get a PHD but the system here is very slow ..and that was last month when I was having a hard time feeling that all the people are against my dreams but I realized that no matter what people do to make it hard on me at the end I can be the person I want to.. In one month my whole life changed and I know I used to work hard but now am working even harder and thank god without his help I'll never be able to do it !!!

Thanks friend I do appreciate it  

03:43 AM Sep 19 2007 |