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Life Talk!

did you think that someone fellin love with someone via social website

one wish , one love


......... could be or not …..........

02:31 PM Sep 10 2010 |

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May Allah ’s peace and blessings be upon you brother
As far as I am concerned I think that it can happen …I heard many times about such love stories ...but I think that it’s nothing but a lie …I wonder what do they love maybe the words any one of them writes …true love has to deal with principals , ethics , and many other things …suppose two are in love via social websistes as you are sying I dare say that if one of them comes to see the real picture of the other and that if he feels like he doesn’t look handsome or beautiful , by then he will change his mind and there would be nothing in his heart called love.
That’s only my opinion , after all you can agree or disagree …
Anyway thanks a lot for your topic …
May Allah bless and protect you brother

03:50 PM Sep 10 2010 |



its an illusion ..

07:59 PM Sep 10 2010 |




It may happen but it will never be 100% true love

10:02 PM Sep 10 2010 |



Syrian Arab Republic

Love does not know the space and time .

It is not our own hands.


10:41 PM Sep 10 2010 |




Frankly speaking,it can be but i dont think it true love.You know,there are many difference between the web and reality..For example,he tells jokes to you to cheer u up or does something special to draw ur attention.But actually you dont know how he gets along with his family and buddies.You should know that people will show us their real personality while coming with us in reality..He may be angry with you or quarrel with u, but thats a true man.But this may not happen on the Internet..Dont u think so???

01:50 AM Sep 11 2010 |




Which is the opposite of love? Can I feel hate for someone through a social website? When you love somebody, do you love him / her as a whole?

08:11 AM Sep 11 2010 |

Nicte ha

Nicte ha


last year i met a friend, he came to México from El Salvador, to meet me, he is so handsome, and told me i am beauty, but…., u know? ., i think love is more than that…., unfortunately we didnt match eachother, coz is totally different when u chat with someone than when u met him in real life.

11:59 PM Sep 11 2010 |

Nicte ha

Nicte ha


Yes Irene, he is handsome, i like his body his face, and he liked mine too, but  this is not enough dear, i still felt empty….,

mmmm., It is so hard when ppl are from different countries, coz they have different points of view, different life styles, even different religions...,  I just will always remember him forever and wish him luck: Bye David, continue ur road, and will continue mine.


12:05 AM Sep 12 2010 |

Nicte ha

Nicte ha


Well, yes my dear, but I think  maybe I am a very demanding person…., I think I need someone who can excite my intellect more than my body.

Some one who can be a spiritual guide, that'd make me love and admire him...., but its too hard to find someone like that in net.

Usually I just have  found young fool boys asking for sex and asking time after that stupid question: Do u have msn?? (sorry, I don't want to offend nobody, but this is a reality in net)....,  and…., I'm tired of this stuff!!!!


04:22 AM Sep 12 2010 |