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Do you believe the love at the first sight?




  Do you believe the love at the first sight?  My answer is no.

  Can you share your opinions with me? Tks!

11:02 AM Jul 07 2007 |

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I don;t believe because I see a lot beautiful girls every day and I will no be against to have nice time with them (together),but I don’t feel real love to them :)

05:11 PM Sep 15 2008 |



Western Sahara

There is a difference between to fall in Love with And to be Fasciantd by, rigth. The former is much more stronger than the latter.

There may happen a kind of silent communication when the eyes touch with each other; because, there is a language of the eyes, this may give you a soft feeling of interst or so, but not love. Love may come after that sight if they establish a relation and start to know each other and so.

Briefly, love is based on three basic elements.

There should be an intellectual, sentimental/emotional and biological connection. when these three elements combined, then, you will live what's called the real true love…etc. Bearing in mind, these elements have steps.

I wish you meet the rigth one ;)

06:12 PM Sep 15 2008 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


I dont believe in it. I think it is impossible to love someone immediately. But some ppl saythey have, so…

04:23 AM Aug 01 2009 |

Tina_ tang


Wow…I believe true love! But I don't believe I'll fall in love with somebody at my first sight. That's unreliable!... I firmly believe the love must based on long time getting along…Because love is for lifetime, it takes time to prove.. But I have to admit when you see somebody pretty or handsome, or similar characteristic with yourself, you'd be more lovely to make friends with her/him. That's just a feeling in your own heart, not love…

07:26 AM Aug 01 2009 |



no I don't believe

01:12 AM Aug 02 2009 |




Laughing Well,I believe the love at first meet too. If that man is VinDiesel …hahahahaha

I'm kidding Laughing I'm really not idea about this topics but I'm would like to join funny with my cute friends only Laughing

02:13 PM Dec 05 2009 |

♥ ~.•'Peace~Girl~ஐ•.•.

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya


07:33 PM Dec 06 2009 |