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Life Talk!

How do you think about exams what are always going with you ?:



      Examine this thing has been accompanying with us, I was really some to be tired of it!

      Feel very tired! Ah!

      For the sake of the examination, we have been making great effort, for the sake of the future, for the sake of various tests, everyones are encouraging! But the examination is true of useful?Ah! Can the examination really explain the ability of a person?

      Do you feel examination have a necessity?You ,to the viewpoint ,which examines how?

10:34 AM Jul 12 2007 |

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Examinations, in different aspects, are very useful. It is a way to test the ability of a person mentally, psychologically and physically.

11:33 AM Jul 12 2007 |


Viet Nam

It depends on how you think about it. An examination, in many cases,is very useful. In my country, an exam is organized every year to choose good student to  learn in the university. So, I think exams are needed if we want to find the good ones


05:12 PM Jul 13 2007 |



more and more,the exam is as dry as a chip.

so,i can't stand it.

02:24 PM Jul 14 2007 |