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Life Talk!

Which countries' BOYS are the most beautiful?? xD

Whitney S

Whitney S


Hey girls, Now it's our time to say it. :D

I still dont have a favorite country to choose it as the place where cute boys are from, but I will say it when I have made my decition.  

01:38 AM Jan 24 2011 |

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Russian Federation

Girls, it depends on your own taste ;)

02:15 PM Jan 24 2011 |



United States

ah…country doesn't matter :D personality does

08:10 PM Jan 24 2011 |




kkkk a sweet topic! i think latin american are. many of them has got a blue eyes and an amasing smile :))

09:15 PM Jan 24 2011 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


:D Gr8, Gr8.

Nice replies, girls.

I already made my choice, the country with the cutest boys is None, cause you can fin cute boys all around the world.

04:59 AM Jan 27 2011 |

Gucci Yeung


Yea pretty boys are everywhere. Still I want to choose one, Greece. It's more out of personal impression than reality. "Gaze not in my eyes. / A Grecian lad, as I hear tell, / One that many loved in vain, / Looked into a forest well / And never looked away again. / There, when the turf in springtime flowers, / With downward eye and gazes sad, / Stands amid the glancing showers / A jonquil, not a Grecian lad…" Beautiful enough? ;)

06:14 AM Feb 01 2011 |

Lovely Fabian

United Arab Emirates

It solely depends upon someone's preference..The latest craze had it that Asian men are worth salivating, especially those coming from Korea and China (Well, at least the liking applies to very selected few)..


07:42 AM Feb 01 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think that Greek boys and Australian boys are good-looking but as a Persian  girl I should say that Iranian boys are handsome and polite(they respect to women a lot)

01:35 PM Feb 01 2011 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


Girls, I think I can now say which are my favorite boys:

I agree with Gucci and Saraparsi, Greek boys are very handsome, and some arabic boys too. Both them are very very male! :)


11:30 PM Feb 01 2011 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


:D Tack!!!

I'm so glad to see your message!! Missed u on ebaby! :P 

05:40 AM Feb 05 2011 |



Boys: Italy, Iran, Spain

Girls: Russia, Romania, Iran, India

05:22 PM May 14 2012 |