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Life Talk!

A question for girls

Bebe Cita

Bebe Cita

Puerto Rico

Why do I feel so bad when I have my period? Do you feel the same?

I need to talk this with any girl who can tell me what she thinks about it. Honestly, when I have my period I dont feel good at all and all I wanna do is stay at home in my bed all day because I feel pain in my belly and I start to have a bad temper and I treat the people who I care the most very bad and days later I regret it.


04:36 AM Feb 01 2011 |

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Saudi Arabia

we are all girls fell this but you will take a comfort throughout this period because it is inportant and try to drink somthing warm.

06:48 AM Feb 01 2011 |

Lovely Fabian

United Arab Emirates

I usually experience all the discomforts and "fugly" feelings and/or emotions before the onset of my period—pre-menstrul syndrome, as doctors call it..

On the bright side, I feel sexier during those times, too (I think most girls will agree with me)..

09:09 AM Feb 01 2011 |



yes   its   really   like   that

10:18 AM Feb 01 2011 |




almost girls are the same in this period , u need not be so worry . try to be relax , maybe warm things can help u ease the pain . wish u be better

10:35 AM Feb 01 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Yes,I'm in the same situation too.I always take Ibuprofen to ease the pain and if I don't, I would have a bad stomachache and vomit and I can't go to school.I think it's awful for girls(lucky boys)

01:28 PM Feb 01 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

Some girl or woman have this kind of uncomfortable feeling

before it's comes to me like let say 2 week my mood is soooo bad I angry without any reason sometimes I need to cry  ,I take a pain kiler for the pain that I have because I can't stand it to be honest

my advice to take hot drinks avoid   colds  for you belly

 hope you in good health always

04:57 PM Feb 01 2011 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


Seems you are not the only one, Bebecita :)

I also feel bad in those days :S

I used to take medicine for the pain, but then I decided not to take it anymore and at the beginning it was very unpleasant, but now It is not such a painful situation.

About emotions.. If I have pain, I have bad humor, but If I dont, I feel ok :)


I hope you get well soon! 

11:35 PM Feb 01 2011 |


Viet Nam

I think that is regular, too. But u have to remember that ” Yesterday is a memory, today is a truth, tomorrow is a dream!!!”

01:29 PM Feb 02 2011 |


United States

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