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Do you Believe in Aliens and UFOs??

Self Talker

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

here is a clip of UFO over south of Iran,U think it’s fake or Real…..Or It may be for spying through countries like Iran?


03:53 AM Jun 01 2011 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I believe in Aliens but I can’t believe that they’re seen in Iran.Really?it’s incredible.

06:21 AM Jun 01 2011 |

Self Talker

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

We can not believe in every thing…There are two possibilities 

They are Fake OR real…

theMasterMinD would you please prove it!!!!

every thing could be possible,Like UFO for spying !!!!Do you prefer more or low secure vehicle for spying?Definitely More!

saraparsi yeah.I have already seen…U know Sara,I used to see a strange  light in the sky,It was too far,and it was too fast..It had random movement…and so strange than any Unidentified objectes in the sky!

U know ,There are some conceptions that UFO are made by strange metal that goes lighter as soon as it goes warmer,so it can fly easily….

and some other says it relates to Spying…!

09:00 AM Jun 01 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I don’t think it’s about spying.But I wish to see one of them as soon as possible.

What can they do in the earth?

 I can say I do believe in them but why didn’t God say anything about them in the holy books?if they are real.

10:34 AM Jun 01 2011 |

Self Talker

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hmm you know sara,There are some hadithes that mentions to aliens….

For example 

Imam ALi:Ask me about the ways of Sky,before you loose me,Because I am familiar to Sky ways….

Imam Sadigh:There are 40 other suns beyond this sun,and there are 40 moons,beyond this moon…and there are creatures that live beyond these…

(It doesn’t exactly mention the number 40,it is saying the majority of them)

03:11 PM Jun 01 2011 |



As vast as the universe is, there is very likely that somewhere else, apart from earth, conditions to sustain life are possible

02:53 AM Jun 05 2011 |