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real love? what does it means?



Hi All,

Recently I read few beautiful lines about real love. What it says is:

"Real Love is willing to give something without  expecting anything in return".  

Do you think that Is there any relationship without expecting anything in return? If you have kindly share with me. Of course if you wish.

Look forwarding your replies.

Thanks in advance.

With friendly,





10:34 AM Aug 04 2007 |

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Saudi Arabia

well love just causes pain and nun more

10:40 AM Aug 04 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

Hi, these lines are very beautiful & meaningful….i think it mean one should give all what he/she has to the beloved person without expecting anything in return so with this he/she will be honest & happy to give to that special one!.....for me this is true love.

take care

05:49 PM Aug 04 2007 |




i think love is that you would like do vevrything for you lover

12:44 AM Aug 05 2007 |



Well, it is hard to say.
If you love someone and you do what you can just do to make her/him happy, but she/he never ever show any appreciation or love to you, can you still do anything she/he likes ? Can you accept the unfair thing?
In my opinion, love needs to be irrigated by both sides.
Give love and you will receive it!

03:00 AM Aug 05 2007 |



Viet Nam

Love can not have definition. I do not think love is to give or not.It depend on each of us.

07:28 AM Aug 05 2007 |