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Life Talk!

are aliens real?




for long time people said about aliens but no one can prove it we just imagine about  it’s body and appear ,we saw it through television or movies that they create it

01:24 AM Jul 12 2011 |

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LittLe PrinCess

Saudi Arabia

some studies said yes there are aliens and there are many stories about aliens around the world …but there isn’t any prof in our hand …i always thinks how do aliens look like ??


01:26 PM Jul 12 2011 |



i think yes, but i’m a little bit scared about that

10:08 PM Jul 13 2011 |



United States

The universe is really, really big, so, the chances of another planet producing life is pretty high, I think.  We are already finding planets that may be similar to ours.

However, the universe is really, really big, and traveling faster than light is something we are still struggling to comprehend.  So actually finding that life, or that life finding us, well, that’s a tricky one. 

05:51 AM Jul 14 2011 |




Thanks so much for ur comment it’s so reasonable

07:05 AM Jul 14 2011 |