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Life Talk!

writte a short paragraph about your country??

stand by me

Saudi Arabia

ok. let`s me start

my cuntry is kingdoom of saudi arabia it islamic cuntry and it has two hole mosqe

one in makkah onother one in madinah

but the capital city is riyad

Kiss but iam from jeddah

jeddah is a port

(The Red Sea port of Jeddah)

it between makkah and madinah

that short answer about this question

coz. i wanna onather saudi person add more



i will wait 4 u

03:14 PM Aug 13 2007 |

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Viet Nam

I like your writing. It is very nice.

I am from Vietnam, a country in the South East Asia with a population of about 84 million. Our capital is Hanoi which will be 1,000 years old in 2010. Our people are very friendly. Vietnam is a peaceful country which welcomes all of you.

Hope to see you some day.

01:51 PM Aug 14 2007 |



I'm from Poland, but now I live in England. Poland is in middle of Europe.Our capital is Warsaw.We have own laguage Polish and we are mobile nationality don't ask me about reason…

We have four season..the best is summer and winter…we have beautiful views..especially in mountain.

Our city have a lot of nice old town.

If you want to see my country Don't wait!!!:)



07:02 PM Aug 14 2007 |




02:27 AM Aug 15 2007 |



hi I am from china which has a large population and many places of interest that I think you would like to go to.The people here are very friendly and warmly and we are waiting for your coming! See you some day

02:34 AM Aug 15 2007 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi there. I am from Iran.Its in middle east( Asia). Our language is persian.We have a rich history of 5000 years old. do visit my country.

06:28 AM Aug 15 2007 |



United States

I'm from the USA. Many foreigners think they know what the USA is like from watching films and TV News. The USA is so vast and diverse, it is hard to generalize about its people, Economy, customs and living conditions. Most of what gets exported about the USA – good and bad – is either fiction or distorted. Some of the things that appear to be good are bad. Some of the apparently bad things are really good. Some things that appear either bad or good can be much worse or better than they appear in the Media. I think it is great for foreigners to visit, work or attend school in the USA for an extended period of time. 

09:17 AM Aug 15 2007 |

stand by me

Saudi Arabia

hi everyone

i am glad to see u in my topic

see u.again

thanx alot..

12:01 PM Aug 15 2007 |


United Kingdom

I'm from England.

It's one of the 4 countries which makes Great Britain.

My native langauage is spoken all over the world.

England has lots of different accents. And sometimes people see England as a horrible lifestyle to live in.

The town I live in, is a small town with not a huge population. 

But really, England can be great : )

Even if we do suck in the Eurovision song contest :p 

06:20 PM Aug 15 2007 |

stand by me

Saudi Arabia

thanx alot my dear.

06:23 PM Aug 15 2007 |


United Kingdom

Your welcome.

06:30 PM Aug 15 2007 |