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just a question



Can you please explaine to me why english chat is blocked? I mean it has been 3 or 4 days that i’m trying to enter and there’s a window telling me that I’have been banned and I’m new here in this site . please explaine to me !!!

10:14 PM Oct 11 2011 |

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Tasnim Noha


Me too ! I have the same probleme I don’t know why

08:42 AM Oct 12 2011 |

Tasnim Noha


I knew it then and I know it now !For your information the members of Ebaby! ( including you of course ) need to practice their english with native speakers , if they want to chat with any other language they  juste have to registe in other sites.

So, for those who are banned (don’t know why ) they need to practice their english here ( like me for exemple ) . I just want to know the reason that’s all.

01:12 PM Oct 13 2011 |




I talked to the Ebabyadmin yesterday and s/he said there is a bug in the system and they are trying to fix this problem.

Since I do not know the nicknames you use, I could not know if you are really banned or it is just a technical problem.

03:11 PM Oct 13 2011 |

Tasnim Noha


My nick name is Tasnim like my Ebaby account , and Thank you for what you have done !

03:03 PM Oct 15 2011 |



it seems just algerian members r banned Smile

good luck

09:53 PM Oct 15 2011 |