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Life Talk!

Is there such thing as being to nice?




I came to realize that sometimes I treat people too nicely, so good they think that I’m faking it. Sometimes I want to believe people can’t live without a little drama in their life…and if you are a person who always understand them, always care for them you end up being too monotous too good. Is it just me or does anyone ever felt that way?

04:27 AM Nov 25 2011 |

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People pleaser, very well put BUTTA… I like your quote also, such a breath of fresh air, a slap in the face , from now on  I will strive myself to careless and speak my mind whenever and to whomever I feel please. I will be bold and blunt (not offensive though).

“I realized that you have to know where you stand, that you have to be confident about yourself and that a healthy way of criticism can increase true friendship, actually.” can I borrow this, I know one  person I could tell it to. hehe!

09:17 PM Nov 25 2011 |




Be who you are and say what you feel

Be what you should be.

08:38 AM Nov 26 2011 |

Learner of Life


Nothing should make us worry as long as we do good and right things…

BUT in some case, indeed understanding to others are needed… take it as the way how we learn in this life to improve ourselves be better…

here I want to share a little writing about this topic


No matter what you do you won’t please everyone, so WHATEVER…!!!!

“One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself…! ’’

I’m going to write about ” understanding ”... Not about understanding words, numbers, facts… Etc

But about understanding others and their circumstances… Sure we are all not the same… And what we face everyday is different… How we handle it… How we face it…

Here comes your part to understand others… Don’t start to blame them about something they do, did, or didn’t do… Something they say, said or didn’t say… Be that open arms that holds them when they need a hand the most… Be that friend that holds on them when no one does… Be that solid ground to stand on when it shakes around them…

Be there for them… So they will be there for you when it gets hard on you…

” When I’m lost along the way…

And I can’t face another day…

And if I stumble on the road…

And if I can’t carry the load…

And if I lose my faith and kindness, and generosity…

Would you hold my hand…

Say you understand my pain…?! “

09:06 AM Nov 29 2011 |




I categorize being nice in two different ways: those who are genuinely well mannered and those who are gluey like honey. I really respect the former and try to avoid the latter.   

09:59 AM Nov 29 2011 |




But you know friend, really nice and being nice is different and some people could tell which one is true which one is fake, I sometimes do that to be nice with anyone, but mostly I speak my mind, make people less misunderstand about us.

11:08 AM Nov 29 2011 |