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Life Talk!

e-baby is a perfect site... My friend Rita came to Istanbul :)


zeus2006Super Member!


Hi Friends,

How are you all? hope everthing is okay in your life:) I want to share something with you all here. May be you remember me (Zeus) and my wife (Kinski). We met each other on e-baby web site and we got married. Even Jason came to Istanbul for our wedding:) It was amazing, by the way missed you, Jason. Nearly a month ago, a frend of mine who met each other on e-baby web site 6 years ago she (Ritareis) came to Istanbul. Can you believe this…? I knew her here, she lives in Brazil and she came to Istanbul-Turkey. Me and my wife welcomed them (Rita and her friend) at airport. Later we spent very nice days together. And finally the time to leave, they came back to Brazil on friday 9th december after 29 days. We left very happiness days behind us. I mean ıf you want to learn or improve your English , e-baby is a perfect place for it, close friendships are bonus. Be Happy And Healthy.

Thank you very much e-baby and its personnels (workers) :) Love you all.


12:08 PM Dec 10 2011 |

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How have you been Zeus? I do remember you:):)

I’m glad Rita is okay. I have not talked to her for some time.

02:21 PM Dec 10 2011 |


zeus2006Super Member!


Thank you Zanas, Everthing is okay. Rita was in Istanbul for 29 days, maybe because of that you couldn’t get in touch with her. Now she may be at home. Still I couldn’t get any info from her. Eee not easy travel. Flight takes nearly 9 hours and they changed flight in Paris. While they came her journey had taken totally 24 hours. She left Istanbul on Friday 6.00 PM now, if everthing is okay she may be at home :)

09:02 PM Dec 10 2011 |