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Life Talk!

Important message !!!

Man from this time

Syrian Arab Republic

Message from Syrian,  shook the conscience of humanity !!


رسالة سورية تهز ضمير الانسانية

To every man..
To conscience of every human…
To Arab, non-Arab, Muslim, non-Muslim…...
See this important message from the Syrian people….

11:23 PM Jan 06 2012 |

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oh the englishbaby friends are busy with learning english lessons,they have no time to reply in your topic!!!

how the time has changed the englishbaby members,three years ago they would discuss contrary in many topics the deeds of slaughters in the name of a Dictator or the deeds of slaughters in the name of religious fundamentalist.

maybe they are tired about slaughters in the name of politic or in the name of religious fundamentalists.

maybe they can’t understand the fight for something, because there is no more peace or freedom or safeties for the people….. see egypt.

don,t know how to help a suffering nation?! the world is only watching what happens in Syria, for sure the dictator Al-assad will go the way of Mubarak or Gaddafi.

wish the people of Syria soon peace and freedom!

02:29 PM Jan 07 2012 |




May Allah ease your suffering.

09:10 AM Jan 08 2012 |

Rosella Libya

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

may Allah be with the Syrian brothers & sisters & as He saved the Libyans from Gaddafi, He will save you insha’Allah from the tyrant Al’Asad ….

07:09 PM Jan 08 2012 |