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what's your attitude towards your close friends?




    recently,i am confused and begin to think about

   what is the right way that  we  treat close friends? u know,it is quite often that we thought to do our friends good but finally they did no reaction.

      it will be very nice of u to share your opinion with me,thanks!

11:53 AM Sep 07 2007 |

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kill king


so am i

01:01 PM Sep 08 2007 |





friends shoud help each other when he or she is in trouble.

02:40 PM Sep 08 2007 |



United Arab Emirates

hey its your friend why your waiting for a reaction, be a good friend and leave it

be a good friend coz he is your friend am not saying that you have to do lots of thing that your freind don't need you only have to be there for your friend when he needs you,not to show him that your a good freind no coz your a good pearson

why how do you treat your friend closest friend?

05:02 PM Sep 08 2007 |




A close friend sometimes helps you even more than your family. So how would you treat in such a situation…

08:16 PM Sep 08 2007 |



a good friend may not around u all the time ,

a good friend may not always play or eat with u.

but when u're unhappy ,he will care u at the first time ,and also he will handed u when u're in trouble

a good friend will still beside u when u'r not rich


03:55 PM Sep 09 2007 |


Viet Nam

A close friend who I can share with her talk, think, problems and anythings

07:07 AM Sep 10 2007 |



a friend should show us the right way n always be with us—in sadness or in happiness…............A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED


07:36 AM Sep 10 2007 |





    thanks for all replies,but another problem is that if the one u care much doesnot care u so much or not as much as u care him/her,then what would u do?would u still move on treating her/him as well as before or stop yourself from her/him?

09:33 AM Sep 11 2007 |



if ur close friend's not good at expressing his/her mood,its ok,coz it is real him/her.but if he/she doesnt care u much,u'd better make him/her know what u r thinking about.maybe sometimes,u should have a frank talk.

02:38 PM Sep 12 2007 |

smart baby

smart baby

United Arab Emirates

good friend should be honest and be with in any time you need him.

But I think that if your friend doesn't care of you, so it shouldn't be your friend

04:46 PM Sep 12 2007 |