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I want to learn of Islam and the Jinn



they have many different names,,in Islam we call then Jinns, in christianity I guess they call them “fallen angel” the fact is that there is another world in paralel dimension to our world it’s the Jinns world, they can see us but we can never see them, and yes they could posses the body of someone and they have religions like humans, jews christians and Muslims..and there are good Jinns and evil Jinns just like humans

04:22 PM Feb 16 2013 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i belive jinns and i know person that contact with jinns. they told her about somethings that she didn’t know, they were good jinns.

they can know and do somethings that we can’t.but contact with evil jinns; chenge them to bad people

04:35 PM Feb 16 2013 |