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Do you see that your day to day decisions are influenced by religion?



United States

Howdy all,

I took a class once that had a lesson on religious indices of various countries. Basically this was the subject question and the countries were rated according to the number of people answering "yes" to the above question. The range was from 5% to 95% depending on country. I'm just wondering what people here think?

07:51 PM Sep 18 2007 |

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United Arab Emirates

hello there !! yes absolutely every decision in my life is influenced by religion .A small example is that the way I dress , as Muslims we have to dress in a proper way and wear a scarf and honestly this make me comfortable ..and Even I feel the respect from people more.. you know the types of people we meet all a round us some are very daring so I feel it makes some kind of red lines for them ..beside being respectable and , feeling the satisfaction of Allah at the end that makes me feel peaceful all the time .. Anther example is food specially wine and pig meat we are not allowed to eat or drink them according to religion and that was explained in our holy book which is Quran ..when people drink they don't think or use common sense ..so how am gana be able to work if I got drunk ??.Beside that after studying alcohol in one  of my courses which is organic chemistry and I saw all the possible damages that might happen to us I realized that my religion is based on a strong base ..and always allah looks for our benefit .. this is a part of my veiw point .. nice topic thanks for writing it !! 



12:59 AM Oct 02 2007 |



Brunei Darussalam

Hello goofyguy, for me yes. Everything that you do more or less would be influenced by your religious. Example, for me if I want to do something, I wil ask myself, am I do a right thing? if I want to make a perfect decision I will pray and wish that would be given a right way. But sometimes some people they like to make their own decision. I am Muslim. Some muslims ever did stupid mistakes either drunk or so what ever, but anyway if they think twice most of them regret. So because of your religious you would not do something bad. What type of religious community that you already learned?

01:57 AM Oct 02 2007 |