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Life Talk!

how many languages we speak in you country??



in MOROCCO we speak arabic,tamazight,(french and spanish)

10:56 PM Sep 22 2007 |

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in my country we only   speak arabic

11:03 PM Sep 22 2007 |




as funny shadow said we speak-in Morocco-arabic french tamazight spanish and also english as a well….

for example in my high school we have to choose english spanish or italian as a second language and french is necessary to pursue the studies after graduating… 


I do speak 3 languages and a little bit of spanish…(just from TV family members…) 

11:38 PM Sep 22 2007 |




in my coutry most of them speak arabic ,in the north they speak kordi ,its a local language

11:42 PM Sep 22 2007 |





i can speak chinese and a little englih.but there are more than 30 languages in our country.

03:22 AM Sep 23 2007 |


Viet Nam

We have so many ethnics (about 64 i think) so we have so many languages but the most popular is King language ( that you call vietnamese in all over the world). 

Some speak english in office but so much only in some communication majors.

That's why i only can speak my mother language and english.

I like italian, spanish and french, Insha'Allah one day i will learn them well! 

02:52 AM Oct 02 2007 |

Ah ling


there are two main languages in my country .one is  PUTONG HUA .the other is Cantonese.and we also have many many many dialects.

with we open to the world ,there are also many foreign languages spoken in my country.epecialy ,enghlish. many people are studing eglish now  as to get ready for the  2008  Olympic Games

and i also like english,i want to improve it ,i hope i can  speak it fluent
ly.i want to make friends all over the world.

03:15 AM Oct 02 2007 |

Soo girly

Soo girly

United Arab Emirates

 in my country we have more than 32 nationalties so , u can hear more than one language such as Arabic ,English ,French,Urdo and more ..But, Arabic is No.1 ,then English becomes after..


11:16 AM Oct 04 2007 |



in our country we speak three lanuages arabic hebrew and english sometime russian not all of us!!^^  i speak arabic hebrew and english very good

11:41 PM Nov 24 2007 |




in my country (panama) speak Spanish, english and native lenguage.

11:44 PM Nov 24 2007 |




ooooo, i always forgeot our rest language besides mandarin in China

we have 56 nations and most of them have their language but Chinese is the most important one. with the development of the world,chinese become more and more important and meanwhile english will permeate in China

12:42 AM Nov 25 2007 |