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Life Talk!

i want to make friends with you,please contact me



my name is jessica.i am from China.i want to make friends with you .please contack me,my MSN is

06:05 AM Aug 15 2005 |

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Hi.. My name is Kelly I’m 24 and I’m Administration Student. I want to make a new friends all over the world and I would like to try my English with other people. Please contact me to e-mail

12:58 PM Mar 16 2006 |



HI, Jessica!
How are you? I hope that´s all gonna be all right!Well, My name is Jonathan, I´m from Brazil, I´ve 25 years old and I would like to make friends around the world as you….If you wanna know more about me, please contact me and ask anything that u wanna know about me, my country wherever….And say somethign about you like:How old are you? What do you do in your life like If you work or study nor both them?
I´ll be waiting your answer, see you later!
Today that´s all folks!rsrsrsrsr

05:26 PM Mar 16 2006 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi dear shiyi.Is it ok with u to give me yiur e-mail I really like to be friends with u.I’m looking forward to hearing from u soon.

07:59 AM Mar 17 2006 |



hello,i am from china,can you make friendswithyou??my email is

01:44 PM Mar 18 2006 |



hi, glad to see your message in the Englishbaby.I like what you have written and the country you are from .Because that is the country of football.maybe people there have good body and high spirit.
I’m from shaanxi province of china,I’m a 21years old girl, now studying in the colledge .I will graduate next year, maybe i will find a job :)
I think you have been worked, right? Do you love your job?Do you have some dream ?If you want to tell me,please contact me ,I’m looking forward to your early reply:)
my email :

01:50 AM Mar 19 2006 |

ou he ri li

Åland Islands

deai.shiyi!which city are you in.i want to make friend with you.but i do not know the way to keep up with you .can you leave your telemple number

05:29 AM Mar 19 2006 |

ou he ri li

Åland Islands

hi shiyi how to keep in touch with you .i can not your email.can you contact me .i am looking forward to your early reply

05:53 AM Mar 19 2006 |



This message board will filter the regular email address.So,please add backslash before the sign @ if you want to show your msn account.

12:20 AM Mar 20 2006 |



hi,fiinx, nice to meet you be here.I am James li from china.I am working in a international trade company and want to make friend with foreigner to enhance my english.
my email is hotmail,previous name is: jameslichina

07:45 AM Mar 20 2006 |