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Life Talk!





 Salam hi all what do you think again alleged state ( israel) started killed Palestine people they didnt differentiate between or a child even Animals and tress .. killing innoccent people ..

12:47 PM Jul 08 2014 |

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Zionists ran a way since the first rocket fell . you know why ??? because it’s not their Land they do not know how to die for it

11:05 AM Jul 10 2014 |



I’m not exactly sure if that’s the right place to talk, but we can sure talk, why not?
The things are complicated, amidst the desert.
Nothing is black or white, neither is wrong nor right.
But I’m sure as hell it’s the children who got hurt,
For a fight they did not yearn.
What needs to be done, you might ask.
Guns and bombs must stop asap.
It’s talking, not fighting,
that will get them through struggle,
without sobbing and crying. 

05:40 AM Jul 25 2014 |