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Can best friends be your soul mate?




Ever had a best friend of the opposite sex,whom you know so well..you both shared both fun and bad times together,shared almost everything..and suddenly you fall in love with him/her?Will that be weird?Is that ever possible?

04:25 AM Oct 25 2007 |

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Russian Federation

  Well, never had a best friend of the opposite sex. But i can say that my boyfriend is my best friend now. Though i have many girls friends, he is the closest friend i've ever had! really…

05:30 PM Nov 12 2007 |



Why not this is the only situation not to fall in love but to rise in love…When you have so much common then what's the problem…Embarassed

06:00 PM Nov 12 2007 |

kira italy

kira italy


i dont think so…

08:08 PM Nov 12 2007 |