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Russian Federation

Have you ever oriented yourself in a wood at night?
I did it in last weekend (from 13d to 14th). Actually, I'd oriented before that, but it was at bright day.
In this time in Russia (St.Petersburg) we have extremely dark night, especially in the wood. So you can't see anything without a flash-light. In this condition you was offered to run at the circle and to mark on the checkpoints.
And now just image. The crow(about 50 people) were running around and looking for the checkpoint, which had hided very good. Just everyone had a flash-light on a forehead (we call it – Cyclope). And you saw only this light in very-very dark wood. It's like you saw loads of giant fireflies. After sometimes somebody shouted he'd found the checkpoint. Right now giant fireflies ran towards to the voice. And it sight was fantastic. But after sometime giant fireflies disappeared.
We ran on the trace with 12 checkpoint (about 6.5 km on the azimuth). Our time was 3h37m. The best time was 0h59m. It's incredible, really?

06:04 AM Oct 26 2007 |