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Japanese MANGA, ANIME, do you know?




hi there, i'm japanese and i love japanese MANGA, ANIME! Dragon Ball, Naruto, Inuyasha, Death Note, detective Conan… these are very well-known but you can enjoy more and more!!

my favorite is "Slam Dunk" the most well-known basketball manga and anime.

pls tell me your favorite Japanse MANGA or ANIME. to talk about my culture in English is very interesting!

11:13 PM Nov 27 2007 |

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may be I am attracted more to godsigma, voltus,goshogun megaloman,etc various hero from japan in 80's era. they were very fantastic and great. remain from japan till now is LOUDNESS, one of giant heavy metal band from that country. 

09:16 AM Feb 15 2008 |



Viet Nam

i'm so interested in mangas/animes. I have read mangas since i was 8 years old :)..i can remember almost of their titles..but some were translated in Vietnamese…

  The first manga i read is Doraemon, then Candy candy, touch, captain tsubasa,dragonball, itazu rana kiss, one piece, hana yori dango, hajime no ippo,....

My favorite manga is SLAMDUNK- the best manga i've ever read!! I've read it so many times, again and again..and sometimes, i can't help laughing because Hanamichi acts so funny!!! When my mother or my friends see that they often say i'm crazy..but i dont care, whatever :P. I just smile and then keep reading it..


09:43 AM Feb 15 2008 |





i read manga from the site you puted (onemanga)

i realy love anime and manga i love japan><

my fav anime is :code geass,GundamSEED, but i only watch anime in japanese .

this is my list   lol:



please vist

09:11 AM Jul 20 2008 |




i like Naruto too! ... at Thai sometimes Naruto is on market slow.i want it markets quickly , and other manga that i like such as …
... Nana—>(sketch very smart so i like) , Deathnote ,
GTO , Boy , Doraemon , One piece , Tough , Peach Girl ,
Maison Ikkoku , Shin chan , CoCo , Conan , .....
.....etc. Many manga i forget it’s name in Japan

03:26 PM Jul 20 2008 |



I love "MAJOR League",which has been serialized for a long time!(1994~now) Sometimes I even dream crazy dreams,for exemple,playing a role in this manga!Have you ever experienced such unique dreams?

01:14 PM Jul 24 2008 |

Gabriela Antunes


I love manga too .

My favorites mangas are:

Rurouni Kenshin

Love hina




Death note

And others …


Of course i like the japanese animation too.


03:38 AM Sep 07 2008 |



Russian Federation

Japanese have crazy imagination (in a good sense).
I think the Death Note is the best. I often listen to the soundtracks from DN.

Respect :)

08:32 AM Sep 07 2008 |

Rahma MD

Rahma MD


yeah i know Manga, and i love it, especially when i was a child. but i don't know are all of those manga(s) come from japan?

I started to read manga when i was in junior high school, there were 2 or 3 places that rent manga(s) near my school. So, when school was over, i and my friends went to that places for renting. at that time, i only need a half minutes to 1 hour to finish my reading for 1 manga. 

Now, i don't read manga anymore coz it has been replaced by anime movies. I love Samurai X, Inuyasha, DragonBall, Detective Conan, Ranma 1/2, BT X, Saint Seiya, and Avatar-The Legend Of Ang. For the last 2, i'm not sure they were from Japan or not

05:49 AM Sep 08 2008 |




Hmm… I have known anime for elementary school (then I got to know that there is something like manga&anime). In that time excellent magazine was published in Poland. It was called 'Kawaii'. This was amaizing feeling, when I was waiting for next issue and reading it from beginning to end for a few times.Thanks to manga I also met my two best friends and started drawing pictures.

My favourites: Sailor Moon (of course), Gigi, Captain Hawk, Shoot, Fushigi Yuugi, Saint Seiya, DB, Record of Loddoss War, Evangelion, Mononoke Hime, Howl's Moving Castle (the book was also great in my opinion), Hotaru no Haka (I don't remember English title) products of Clamp and many others.

Rahma MD: Most of this titles were made in Japan. I don't recognize only Avatar.:)

09:08 PM Jan 16 2009 |


United States



12:49 AM Jan 17 2009 |