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Life Talk!

Should we allow sex....?




Everyone needs sex…& some where everyone wants to go out of his partner….

either we go out with guilts or we repress ourself….why don't we allow each other to enjoy life…?

What are the fears…& what could be the after effects …

I would like to discuss in detail…..

03:53 AM Dec 05 2007 |

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Dear eagle77,

changing partner is not advised…moreover it never gives depth too… but honesty should be there.. it is to just keep oue self aware that what we are doing.. Are we  really honest to our partner.. what is going on inside of our mind.. do we tell that to our partner…

11:34 PM Jan 18 2008 |




yes ,i agree with you .i am a chinese 22 boy,i cannot image that one day chinese girl care sex more than love.

 i believe that it is love make the world round.

06:39 AM Jan 19 2008 |




be honest to ur partner.

i think it break the morality !Frown

ur partner isn't ur toy!!!!!!!!!!

such a damaged  morality!!!!


03:51 AM Jan 21 2008 |



Dear Bigbobs,certainly love is to cared more than sex,I completely agree with you…
Justic…I am not in favour of betraying wife… but both can be helpful to each other… yes dangers are always there.. equally from wife too..
& yes desire itself is a hell… no doubt… that is for what are we discussing to come out of hell..
It is right too that if we give loosen our mind it goes on desiring again & again…
Actually one needs to be aware fully whenever desire of other woman starts arising…it can be stopped only from start point…if we loose that poit then it becomes a hell.. wheather we go to other woman or not we start living in hell.
but we should abstain also from being a hypocrite too… we should be honest to accept what is going on inside.. if we are not true from inside,relations loose all of it’s grace… then respect towards wife religion has no meaning…
Dear coaste.. you are right,I agree wife is not a toy.. that’s why I am saying be honest… don’t imagine other woman while making love with your wife… otherwise what you are doing it looses it’s meaning… we are in a hell.. from this side or the other…

06:32 AM Jan 21 2008 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

we must never have sex before marriage because god never forgive us.

06:34 PM Dec 13 2013 |