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Pass The Popcorn! Study Finds That Film Enjoyment Is Contagious




Loud commentary and cell phone fumbling may be distracting, but new research suggests that the presence of other people may enhance our movie-watching experiences. Over the course of the film, movie-watchers influence one another and gradually synchronize their emotional responses. This mutual mimicry also affects each participant's evaluation of the overall experience—the more in sync we are with the people around us, the more we like the movie.

12:37 PM Dec 08 2007 |

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Hi,  Fancy research!!   So, the point of this study is seeing a movie with other people makes you enjoy it more because you can share your reactions and the more agree the more the movie leaves a pleasant taste in mouth.   Mmmm… I don’t know…If  with “movie-watching experiences” it means practically non-verbal language like : a glance, a laugh, an exclamation or hardly one or two words….and leaving the detailed comments after the words “The End” show up on the screen. Then, I probably agree =) Not at 100% although. :D   I’ll try to explain myself…Imagine, you’re sitting in front of your TV enjoying a movie, somebody appears in the living-room and decides to join you…no more than a few minutes has gone when this great fellow cries out :”Hey. I have already seen this movie, mate…. Now it’s when this guy provides them the underground jail’s map and they get to run away…” Oh, dear! Right in that moment you breathe deeply and lead yourself to the kitchen while your friend goes on telling you all the single details until the end of the story…hehehe…Destroying!!    Another day,(the same guy, different movie) …WinkThis time he waits until that scene, which make you feel trapped on the story, arrives and then…he comes out with the typical thing: “Yeah, here’s when you realize it’s just a movie…everything is a lie… Can you feel it? They are surrounded by a bunch of cameras, make-up staff, lights….So, imagination is over by that day …=) Finally, the reason, because of I don’t agree at 100% with this research although the previous premises be fulfil, is I enjoy the talk about the movie when this has finished  even more than the film sometimes. However, I find specially attractive to be able to share different points of views…So, It’s not indispensable everybody has the same feeling about the movie and  I’m not sure if my opinion about the film change after this talk…mmmm =)    Maybe, they should have to do a new research about people watching together a soccer match …I think that’s different =) 

08:04 PM Dec 08 2007 |