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How can I reduce my interesting in sex?



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I am a man and have a wife and no child and there is a huge intersting in sex to woman and girl. I don't like this because it cover my brain and thinks and dreams .I want to know how can I rade escape of it.

04:19 PM Dec 11 2007 |

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Hi… Well…

I'd say sexuality is a form of wild and rough energy; energy has to be spent, or it will be eating at you – which now seems to be the case.

Therefore I see two solutions. One (easiest but not the best): spend it through sports. Running, kayaking, stuff like that.

Two (a bit more difficult maybe, but the very best I reckon): channel it and try using it to create something. Art, I mean. Try to transfer that Wild  Force from down there to up there and express it through painting, or music (drums?), or writing, or whatever form you're most attracted to.

That's not the easiest solution, I admit, but I think if you could achieve it, you could be very proud of yourself for mastering your primal impulses (there's nothing scornful in my words) and transfering that creative force into something available to all.

I hope I could be useful, and wish you good luck. 

And by the way, I also agree with Dignified. 

08:45 PM Dec 11 2007 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

thanks a lot .it is certenly usefull.I hope to be able doing those advisment.

11:09 AM Dec 12 2007 |



Dear ,

if you don't want to do it, just don't do…it's very very simple,but you want to do it,so you do it.& it's possible that you want to impress females to make them interesting in you by saying that you want to drop sex..You want to fight with existence… is it your own produce…?

05:16 PM Dec 12 2007 |