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Movie Madness!

anybody love "Prison break" come in!!!!



All Prisones are bad gey?no! i want to be a Prison like Micheal Scofield!

01:11 AM Apr 07 2008 |

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Scofield is a great man, clever, cool , handsome , brave, and he loves his family very much.Sometimes you can see that he is a perfect man.so he could be a good example ,hoho

02:18 AM Apr 07 2008 |




im not watching this movie maybe its a good film huhu

02:50 PM Apr 09 2008 |

farid manouchehrian

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think "Prison break" is a good and professional film. the actor of micheal really play good. I follow it.

09:15 PM Apr 09 2008 |



I like the movie very much,I admired micheal scofield ,he was so cool ,wise.

05:51 AM Apr 10 2008 |


Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Mickel is very smart, he uses his smartness in good  things, i really like this caractre

09:10 AM Apr 10 2008 |




I watch the move every time  it's so imaizing 

and i like (monika) so much


07:05 PM Apr 11 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

i love this show… i have watched it 4 times…..

but the third season will not ends in 13 episodes…they will continue for sure

i think the fourth season will be " michael revenge" and sarah is not dead yet…

05:16 PM Apr 12 2008 |

Lover for Ever

Saudi Arabia

I'm waiting for Pb season 4…

its pitty that season 3 is only 13 eps

but I think season 4 will be sooooo rock!

cos SARA will act again ,,, I cant believe she is a live WOW! 

08:47 PM Apr 13 2008 |




I love this tv serie!!

I agree with you when you said you don't like the 3 season. The first and the second seasons were just perfect!! But I hope season 4 is going to be great again!!

And I've heard about that too!!Sara is not dead!!!

08:34 PM Apr 14 2008 |

so young

so young

Saudi Arabia

everyone must watch it…
it is almost the best ever..

11:46 PM Apr 19 2008 |