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Movie Madness!

death note it's great japanese movie it's really awesome ...


United Arab Emirates

i watched it at youtube website

it's really fantastic movie it's talk about someone find a note in his school.

he can kill anyone he want by writing his name in the note and the one he choose

shall die in 40 sacends .

he's so smart he know how to use the note _

10:40 AM Jan 19 2007 |

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Hi,I have'nt watched this movie,but I have read death note the comic which frist came out and I also have watched death note the animation.It is said that there is some differencese of the movie and the comic.The animation is nearly the same as comic.If you haven't watched the animation or read the comic, I advice you check it out.Both of the animation and comic are more fantastic than the movie.Trust me.

04:33 AM Feb 04 2007 |




I think anime is better =)

09:36 PM Feb 22 2007 |

the pretty sali


death note is so great anime , the heroe is very smart, i heard that there is some deffrent betwin the movie and the anime but i think the anime is  very cute

04:58 PM Jun 10 2009 |