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Movie Madness!

Terminator:TSCC Behind the Scenes

Kelvin Chan



It is a video of English and you can learn how people use words or how to show their idea,but the main course of watch this video is that we like terminator and want to know how it make


07:39 AM Aug 23 2008 |

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Thank you my friend for sharing this movie trailer, but I didn't like the idea that the "terminator" is just a soft woman!!

I prefer Arnold Schwarzenegger. are you with me?

12:00 PM Aug 23 2008 |

Kelvin Chan


I am sorry.I also like Arnold Schwarzenegger.,but if all the terminator are like this.It is so cool,but asocial.No matter the size,the power is still here.Don't you think that the new terminators are more human,it make them easier to blend into human life and work on assassinate.



PS:I am a fan of Summer Glau after i watching this TV series

11:26 PM Aug 23 2008 |