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Movie Madness!

What kind of movie do you watch?

Midori Ohta


Hello everyone! I wrote a survey at my blog. I asking your frequency to watch movies and so on.

Please search for Midori Ohta and take my survey when October 15 2008. I’d really like to see your comment.


05:44 AM Oct 23 2008 |

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action movies


07:08 PM Oct 24 2008 |



Horror movies!!! I´m a fan!!! I love the gory ones and the psychological ones too! For Halloween I´m expecting the release of "The strangers", "Saw 5" and "Quarantine". There´s a french movie called "Inside" or "From the inside" that I´d like to watch, but there´s not a release date yet in this year for it. I believe european horror movies are the best right now ("The orphanage", "REC" and "The descent").

04:36 PM Oct 27 2008 |




hello guys!!! i'm eugenia from italy…  i love cinema…i love Kubrick according to me he was a very master….i watched clockwork orange in english at cinema….i was going to cry really….


08:32 PM Oct 27 2008 |

yoyo 88

Saudi Arabia

I like action movie

 and war movie

and comedy

12:12 AM Oct 31 2008 |


Russian Federation

I like psychological films, thrillers. And I also like romantic stories, dramas. My favourite film is “A walk to remember”. I advice to watch it everybody. It is so exellent film and I watch it again and again.

12:34 AM Nov 07 2008 |




i like movies of art, of the beauty of life, as Dancer In the Dark. I love the songs and music in it so much that i was hooked by Bjork, the singer there. Well, the most moved part of this film is its story about a good heart!

06:45 AM Nov 09 2008 |

tomoyathe 1st


hello sir.  I love action movie.  But my favorite movie is Green mile.  It is fun.  Also, I like The legend of 1900. Seeya.

04:39 AM Nov 12 2008 |




I like action movies.

04:39 AM Nov 12 2008 |


Saudi Arabia

 I like romantic and comedy movies Embarassed

07:02 AM Nov 12 2008 |