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Movie Madness!

Charmed:I hate Pipe


United States

After the death of Prue, she has become more and more worse. Many fights and sacrifice in Charmed Seasons 8 are not worth it, just because she insists on doing that in her own way.

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06:44 AM Oct 17 2009 |

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Well, you would have to take on count that she faced the death of her powerful sister. She was the middle sister and the pacifist between the older and the younger sisters (Prue and Phoebe) and now she has to take courage to lead Phoebe and deal with her new inexperienced half sister Paige. Besides being mother of two kids and being married with an elder angel… I think is enough to put her out of control, don´t you think? Just a comment Laughing

04:23 PM Oct 20 2009 |


United States

Well. Maybe u r right. But i still don't like her in the latter part.

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02:51 AM Oct 21 2009 |