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Movie Madness!

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan You've Got Mail!



Hi, guys and gals. I’m a great fan of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan’s. With their enchanting looks and fabulous acting , I’ve fallen head over heals in their romance. I’ve been searching for their DVD (you’ve got mail)for a long time and yet I just can’t find it . Sound a little bit depressing ,right? I wanna make some friends who can share the same experience with me. Right here waiting for you !

04:03 AM Jan 08 2004 |

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I love’em,too. They’re fabulous, so do their movies.
Hehe,I’ve got the DVD. And also other DVDs of the movies they acted.


05:37 AM Feb 07 2004 |



I love Tom Hanks very much.<cast away> <philadiphia>
are my best favorite.

02:41 AM Apr 19 2004 |


United States

I love Tom Hanks. I don’t know who are my most fav actress but the best actor for me is definitely Tom Hanks. I have seen most of his film, but not the latest one in which he plays as a scientist. Oh he looks getting fat!

Although ‘You’ve got mail’ is good, i dislike ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ much. Maybe I’m not get along well with that kind of romance.

I have also seen some movies of Meg, i think i like her in ‘Proof of life’

06:33 PM Apr 22 2004 |




Then have you ever seen the”in the cut”by Meg Ryan.How do you like it?

10:49 AM Apr 27 2004 |



Hanks and Meg Ryan You’ve Got Mail!
Then have you ever seen the”in the cut”by Meg Ryan.How do you like it?

i have seen “in the cut” . It’s not so good i should say. Meg tries to change the way or the common image she used to be. But i guessed she failed, at least in this movie.

08:08 AM May 12 2004 |


United States

Oh i haven’t seen it. But today i read from a newspaper that said a guy has written a scenario for Tom & Meg, now he waits for them to finish their current movies.

By the way, has anybody seen “Lady killer”? Tom seems to get old and fat :(

08:54 PM May 25 2004 |



where can I find this movie?

07:35 PM Apr 18 2005 |

agnes Long

agnes Long


well,i saw that movie and it's really a good one. the story is dramatic and touching.

i was deeply impressed by the last moment when Meg finally saw Tom with the music Somewhere Over the Rainbow's playing slightly. that's really romantic

10:33 AM Jun 14 2006 |



i saw that movie its really nice movie it has some comedy n love scens , that i love

 They’re  really fabulous :)

02:58 AM Jul 12 2006 |




i love them too….i have seen most of their movies…the first movie I saw with them both init is Sleepless in Seattle…well maybe I am a gal, that's why I love such kind of romance..

The lastest movie I saw with Tom Hanks is Davinci Codes…yep he is getting old and fat, but I heard he is doing good as a director. Wish him luck.

Meg Ryan, I love her eyes, and she just has one trait I like, I have one tender love for her…


08:10 AM Sep 01 2006 |