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Movie Madness!

The vampire diaries



i like this tv show more than Twilight i think it is more interesting and dynamic.Nina is cute,she plays two roles (Elena and Cathrene)i want that Elena be with Damon but it is not possible but they dating in real life its good

11:13 AM Apr 30 2011 |

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Freedom Greece


Well,actually I don’t watch the show,but I’ve read the books …

06:32 PM Apr 30 2011 |




i read the books, and watch the show. i am happy that they decided to have quite different plot in tv show than is in book.

yes, like Damon too, and in real life Jeremy is with Caroline :)

12:13 PM May 09 2011 |




I love this series too, I’ve never read its book but most of the people say the tv series is so much better than its book. Damon is so hot, and I think he and elena would make a perfect couple. I love twilight books too, but the movie is not true to the book. I kind of understand it though, since it is a movie not a series. They couldn’t detail the whole story.

02:52 PM Jul 20 2011 |



The vampire diaries is brilliant CW sci-fi horror show. I love it so much and have enjoyed it’s all season 2. but now i am waiting for it’s next season 3 announcement. I hope they will announce it soon.


Family Guy episodes

06:33 AM Aug 05 2011 |




I like Queen C~Nina and Ian are together now{#emotions_dlg.cool}  i think it’s possible that E and D will be together in next season.

12:19 PM Aug 09 2011 |


United States

I like the cast, characters and story of this show. It is just appealing. I love it. I’m crushing big time on Mr. Damon Salvatore. ;P

01:53 AM Dec 29 2011 |



Well even I like Vampire Dairies more compared to twilight if you compare stories… But you can ignore Robert pattinson’s acting in twilight. He is superb as Edwards. I can watch this movie a million times and will be watching it today also on hbo. Just for Edward

08:27 AM Oct 24 2012 |