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Movie Madness!

Legends of the Fall

Vitamin C

Vitamin C


hey! everybody~

Have you even watched this amazing movie, it is acted by Brad Pitt, i like the story and its melodious music very much,  i was deeply attracted and  moved, it's really a legend….. 

07:01 AM Jun 06 2006 |

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yes,I think so.

11:26 AM Jun 13 2006 |



hiya dear ..well ~LEGENDS OF THE FALL ~is one of my favorite movies

i really do like  it so much ,even i like to see it many time cuz its really WOW , its great movie , the story and music r so beautiful ,,


by the way any one has the tracks for that movie or know any free website that i can download legends of the fall' music



02:53 AM Jul 12 2006 |

Vitamin C

Vitamin C


I also want to know where can download the music of the movie ,  till now,  i only can watch it again and again to listen to the music…

02:41 AM Jul 17 2006 |



United States

Legends of the fall ! . . . Great movie ! Great , remarkable Brad Pitt :) music also good , and i like it so much

03:46 AM Mar 09 2008 |



www.youku.com is a good website for you to watch it again!!!!

09:03 AM Mar 09 2008 |