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Music Mix!

What's the lyrics of "[Reflect




<!-==text==begin==-> I CAN’T FIND IT !
Pleasehelp me…

the start is like ‘the changing… of some life???...
/.. reflections of mylife…’


07:11 AM May 07 2001 |

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United States

<!-==text==begin==-> Hi Lisa… long time notalk!

I hope that you are doing well… Iwould love to find the lyrics for you, but I needto know more of the song to be able to do so. Doyou know who sings the song?

I hope thatyou are doing well!


Tanis <!-==73==318==end==->

03:02 PM May 07 2001 |




<!-==text==begin==-> Ooh you rememberme!_

I don’t know the singer. It soundslike more than one singer.
Maybe two orthree.
It’s not rap or R&B, more like countrymusic.

The lyrics starts with “The changingof sunlight to moonlight
reflections of mylife

The creepings of people introuble….

All my sorrows…

Take me back to my own home…..” <!-==73==320==end==->

05:59 AM May 08 2001 |


United States

<!-==text==begin==-> Of course I remember you!I hope that you are doing well! I’m sorry that Ican’t always answer email… I just have totravel for work sometimes, and am unable to do it!

This song sounds really pretty… I stilldon’t recognize it though…. I will try to findit online, but I might just need one or two morelines- can you remember them?

If you likesongs like this, do you know any songs by theIndigo Girls? They have really beautiful lyricsthat I often really enjoy. My favorite song bythem is called “Love’s Recovery” and my favoriteverse goes like this:

There I am in youngerdays, star gazing
Painting picture perfectmaps
Of how my life and loves wouldbe

Not counting the un-marked paths ofmisdirection
My compass, faith in love’sperfection
I missed a million miles of road Ishould have seen

Isn’t that pretty! Do youunderstand the lyrics?

Hope you arewell!


Tanis <!-==73==321==end==->

03:29 PM May 08 2001 |




<!-==text==begin==-> Maybe if you download itand listen for a while you’ll know it?_ <!-==73==324==end==->

08:03 AM May 11 2001 |


United States

<!-==text==begin==-> How can I download it? Doyou have the file name? I will do that if Ican!

Tanis <!-==73==331==end==->

02:57 PM May 14 2001 |




<!-==text==begin==-> The name of the song is’reflection of my life’.
I download it inaudiogalaxy.com.

_ <!-==73==334==end==->

07:00 AM May 17 2001 |