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Music Mix!





hey u guys

she got a new album " HARD CANDY "

and relese a new single " 4 minutes to save the world "

 it really great!!


suck it dude Cool


08:46 AM Apr 05 2008 |

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errrr, madoooooooooooonna,to be honest i think she's too old

01:41 AM Apr 08 2008 |




i love this song so much ….the video clip also great but madonna dress like her don't wearing any clothe  i feel like her naked  because the clothe same colour with her skin…...

07:59 AM Apr 11 2008 |




i think so, her clothe is look terrible


10:44 AM Apr 11 2008 |


Saudi Arabia

thanks ( iii_omg ) !


i don't listen to her alot .. but i know that she have good songs ..


in fact , i like her song ( frozen ) alot ^^


12:53 PM Apr 11 2008 |




Too much sex in her videoclips. When she was young, it was okay. But now she's just too old. I don't understand why she's trying to be younger all the time. Women are stupid sometimes. ;)

01:53 PM Apr 16 2008 |



I´m not very happy with Hard Candy. I got it, because she´s one of my favorite singers, but I feel that she is not presenting something new like in her past albums.

The best of her projects is definitely "Ray of light" for me. And Hard Candy looks so distant of that album.

I try to understand Madonna; she needs to end with her actual contract with Warner and she looks for something easy and comercial to sell.

Not all is so bad. I really like it the tracks "Candy shop", Give it 2 me (it will be the second single) and "She´s not me" (because it sounds like the last album Confessions…).

04:31 PM May 08 2008 |



       I like Madonna's old songs.Her new album and new video not good.Yes she's still very energetic and healthy but not young anymore and she isn't accept this.

08:48 PM May 09 2008 |



I think its the pressure to get new audience (young people). I´m agree that Madonna needs to get dressed like the queen of pop she is, not like a woman frustrated to look like a teenager.

I don´t like her first albums. I began to love her music when she presente her album "Bedtime Stories" (when she started to experiment with electronic sounds). I love the tracks and videos of "Bedtime Story" and "Human nature"!!!

And what about "Ray of light"? The most powerful (and commercial success in many years) of the last 2 decades, she was a chameleon in every video of the 5 singles of this album (In Mexico only appears in charts "Frozen", "Ray of light", "Drowned world / substitute for love", "The power of goodbye" and "Nothing really matters"). 

10:48 PM May 09 2008 |




she is so strong woman! i guess that everyone would like to have a mum like she is ^^

02:50 PM May 19 2008 |



Not like a mom in my case, hahahaha!

I have been listening "Hard Candy" and it´s not so bad at all. The second single "Give it 2 me" is "sticky and sweet"  and the single "The beat goes on" with Kanye West is really good (I hope she decide to use it like the third single).

04:08 PM May 19 2008 |