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I’ve been to this forum for just a couple of times and found that people in the chatroom are quite friendly not like some rude people in other more high-profile chatrooms, but I’ve been slightly disappointed by the lack of substance in most of the chats. Of course, I know this is not a problem unique to this site. But I wonder if somebody out there would like to chat in a more constructive manner, say, centreing their chats on a particular theme or topics each time. That way, we could make the most of the time to improve our English or simply have fun by knowing some new things. If anyone is interested in doing that, give me a yell (i.e. reply this post) and we can set a time to chat in the chatroom. Cheers.

05:19 PM Jan 08 2006 |

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That will be all right.

04:47 PM Feb 18 2006 |



i AGREE it :)

05:27 AM Mar 09 2006 |



thank you for your good advice
you point out the common problem in all of us
you let me feel something
something I have in my mind and in my bottom of heart
but can’t find the right way to express
you have a good english ability
if you have interest, please add our group——an english group. The number is 3017312.

01:35 PM Mar 22 2006 |



Hi sorry about this belated reply. I didn’t check my email frequently as I didn’t expect somebody would bother responding to my message. But now, I’m glad to know there are a group of like-minded people out there sharing my version. But the only problems are how we can get in touch with each other (because we’re not allowed to leave our contact details here) and how to set a time convenient for us to have some meaningful chats (because of timezone differences. If I turn up at 2-3pm GMT (UK time) every Sunday in English baby chatroom from now on, let’s see if I can bump into some of you guys. See you there. Cheers.

05:50 PM Apr 01 2006 |



I most definitely agree with you, Jeremy. As much as I like small talk, sometimes(quite often actually grins) I feel like talking about more serious subjects. But as you said, in most chat rooms one doesn’t have much of a chance with this kind of concern. So… I hope to see you guys around.

07:44 PM Apr 09 2006 |



Hi aysha nisar
I was flattered by your nice words. I really wish English were my native language. Nevertheless, I’m more than happy to help others improve their English if I know how to do so. I don’t mind spending a few hours each week to help if I can. Any idea? aysha nisar or someone out there.

06:00 PM May 11 2006 |


United States

I just started coming here, the other day in the chat, we did get serious, talking about the origin of the English language.
If I’m there, I’ll get serious with you!
I think you need to just throw out a serious topic when you get in the room, and see if anyone “takes the bait” and jumps in.
Good luck!

07:44 PM May 11 2006 |




Hi Jeremy,
I am a freshman here,the issue you mentioned may be caused by lanuage problems…
You know, a lot of us are English beginners,we are not native speakers,we can’t express our own opinion directly.So the problem appears.

02:11 PM May 15 2006 |




02:05 PM May 19 2006 |



SmileRemeber the end of the story? 

    It rained. It seemed to me the first time I came to land on the miry field of spring .I feel the wheat ,the earth, the atmosphere of the nature.

    The ground ,the earth  is all embracing,never complain.People,do good things and evil things when alive, peole be born and die.The earth is always there,like a mother . 

     May 31th, 2006  22:01. Today is our"Duan Wu "(festival).Happy festival,my friend.

02:01 PM May 31 2006 |